40,000,000 UZS EVERY WEEK!
3,000,000 UZS EVERY DAY!
To join SEND SMS TO 1010 NOW! Enjoy an exciting Trivia Quiz Game!
40,000,000 UZS EVERY WEEK!
Every Sunday the participant who has collected the highest number of points within the respective weekly period will win 40,000,000 UZS!
Every day the participant who has collected the highest number of points will win 3,000,000 UZS!
3,000,000 UZS EVERY DAY!
Get the most points and win!


the list of winners will be updated for the results of each week, at the beginning of the next week.

How to Participate

Start now! It is simple!
What is the Call Center Number?

For any questions you may have regarding the “Ucell Quiz” Service, please call (98)-305-13-53.

email: info@smobile.uz 

How do I get Daily Subscription Points?

You receive automatically at least 100 points to your account daily, simply by being a participant of the Service, which counts for all daily competitions and current week's competition.

What is the cost of SMS that I send to 1010?

Free of charge. 

Do I pay for the SMS I get back?

No, they are free of charge. 

If I answer wrong to questions, do I get points?

Yes, you get points. For each wrong answer you give, you get at least 10 points, counting for the respective Prizes’ Competitions. 

I receive different amount of points in different questions. What happened? Is this a mistake of the system or something else?

You don’t have to worry about this. The Service includes some Happy Hour phases during which the participants can get more points than within the normal flow. Each time you enter such a phase, you receive a message explaining how the Happy Hour phase works.

Do I lose my earned points?

No. Regarding the daily prizes, you never lose your participation points, the participation points are transferred to the next day. However, regarding the weekly prizes’ competitions, your participation points are reset every week.

What is the cost of the Service?

Daily Subscription: 1,684 UZS/day

Is there a limit as to the number of SMS I have to send?


Is there a limit as to the number of Quiz Questions I can reply?

Yes, you can reply for free, up to thirty (30) Quiz Questions per day.

I have received a SMS that says: Surprise! Happy Hour Period! Win XXX points.

This means that you have entered a Happy Hour phase during which you can earn more than the usual points given. Every time that you enter such a period, you will receive a message informing you about this period and the respective points that you can get.

How many points do I earn for every question that I answer?

If you answer the question correctly, you get at least 50 points. If you give a wrong answer, you get at least 10 points. Within the Service, there are many Happy Hour phases which give you many more points. 

Who CANNOT participate in the Service and win the prizes?

The whole personnel and trainees of Ucell and their direct relatives as well as all the employees of companies which cooperate with Ucell for the Service cannot participate in the Service.

If I win, how will I be informed?

Winners will be notified by telephone call or SMS.

What if I am not in town to collect the prize?

You will need to collect your prize within thirty (30) days since the day of being notified that you are a winner.

I am not a subscriber of Ucell, can I participate?

No, but if you wish to join, you can get a prepaid Ucell card and enter the Service by sending any SMS to 1010 (free).

What is the keyword to participate?

You can send any SMS to 1010 in order to participate in the Service.

How will I enter the Service?

You can send any SMS to 1010 (free).

How can I be informed about the points I have gathered?

You can send “POINTS” to 1010 (free).

Which keyword can I send to opt-out?

You can send “STOP” to 1010 (free) so as to opt out of the Service.

Who can win the daily prize?

Every day (excluding the days when the weekly prize is gifted), the participant who has collected the highest number of points, will win 3,000,000 UZS! The participation points counting towards the Daily Prizes’ Competitions are those collected since the beginning of the Service until the respective Competition day.

Who can win the weekly prize?

Every Sunday, the participant who has collected the highest number of participation points of the respective weekly period will win 40,000,000 UZS! The participant who has accumulated the highest number of participation points during each weekly period (from Monday 00:00 until Sunday 23:59) will win the respective weekly prize. In order for a participant to be eligible to win the Weekly Prize, he/she shall have been charged successfully at least once during that weekly period.

What is the duration of the Service?

The Service starts on 13/05/2019 and ends on 11/05/2020. The total duration of the Service is 365 days! First round of the Service (90 days) starts on 13/05/2019 at 00:00:01 and ends on 10/08/2019 at 23:59:59.

Do I need to claim the prize immediately after I win?

If you win, you will be contacted by us and be informed about the exact procedure.  You can delegate any person by an authorization letter to collect your prize. The prize can be claimed within a period of thirty (30) days after being notified of the delivery date.

Are the prizes transferable?


How and where do I claim my prize?

We will get in touch with you if you are the winner of any of the prizes and we will inform you on the delivery process (where and how you will receive your prize).

How many prizes can a participant win during Round 1?

Each participant can win maximum one (1) daily prize and one (1) weekly prize during each round of the Service.

Where can I find information about the winners?

All information you need about the “Happy year” Service and the winners is available on the website: www.1010.ucell.uz

What are the prizes?

For the first Quiz round (90 days, from May-13 2019 till August 10 2019):

Every day (except for the days when the weekly prize is gifted), the participant with the highest number of points will win 3,000,000 UZS each! 

Every Sunday, the participant who has collected the highest number of points of the respective weekly period will win 40,000,000 UZS!

For every 90-days Round, a different set of Prizes will be offered!

How many prizes does this Service give?

The total prizes are 365!

On Round 1, the Service gives 78 daily prizes (3,000,000 UZS) and 12 weekly prizes (40,000,000 UZS).

What is the “Happy year” Ucell Service?

The Ucell “Happy year” introduces a new Service whose participants will have the opportunity to win amazing daily and weekly prizes. Participants shall enjoy an interesting Trivia Quiz Game. The service is carried out under "Ucell" TM by "Smile Mobile". All services are licensed.